Sunday, 11 December 2011

Doi Ilish(Hilsa with Sour Curd) all time favourite

Ilish Machh is my all time favourite item. In which day my dad brings Ilish from market I usually get ready to take my lunch quickly. From “Ilish Machh Bhaja” to “Bhapa Ilish”, from “Ilish Machher Tel-Jhhal” to “Ilish Machher Jhol”….uff!!! Its just very tough to me to control my tongue. I always wait for the rainy season only for Ilish Machh. Here I want to present my one of the most favourite Ilish item, “Doi Ilish” for you.

Ingredients to make:
  • Ilish Machh : 1200gm
  • Mustard oil : 250gm
  • Curd : 600gm
  • Green Chilies : 60gm
  • Poppy seed paste : 80gm
  • Black peeper paste : 2gm
  • White  curry : 130gm
  • Cornflour : A pinch
  • Mustard paste : 25gm
  • Black cumin : 2gm
  • Salt : According to the taste.   

Preparation to make Doi Ilish :
Clean the fish and dry them.Marinate the fish with cornflour & salt.
Heat the oil in kadhai/pan.
Fry marinated fish & keep them aside.Add black cumin, poppy seed paste, green chilli paste, curd, white curry,mustard paste in the remaining oil.
Now add water & keep them to be boiled.
Add fried Ilish mach into the boiled gravy.
Done :
Now the Doi Ilish is ready to be served with hot rice.
Garnish this dish with two green chilies. 

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