Monday, 26 December 2011

Mixed Masala Dal...winter special

I can confess that my lunch is almost incomplete without dal. Basically I prefer Masoor dal (Red Lentils). But in winter, moong dal with varieties vegetable...uff delicious. Here I want to share this recipe with all of you.

Ingredients to make :
  • Moong Dal : 500gm
  • Carrot : 2pcs
  • Peas : 200gm
  • Cauliflower : 1pc
  • Beans : 200gm
  • Capsicum : 1pc
  • Tomato : 1pc
  • Onion : 1pc
  • Ginger : 25gm
  • Cardamom : 3pcs
  • Clove : 2pcs
  • Cinnamon : Small amount
  • Bay Leaf : 2pcs
  • Ghee : 1tbs
  • Red Chilli : 2pcs
  • Green Chilli : 4pcs
  • Cumin Seeds : Small amount
  • Salt : According to taste
  • Sugar :  According to taste  
  • Mustard oil : According to need
  • Coriander Leaves : Small amount

  Preparation to make "Mixed Masala Dal "

Fry dal on dry pan & then boil it.
Put oil in the kadhai/pan.
Fry all vegetables until they become soft.
Mix with dal & keep them aside.
Take another pan & heat ghee.
Add cumin seeds, red chilli, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, chopped onion.
Then put ginger, salt, sugar & dal with vegetables.

Done :
Garnish with green chilli & coriander leaves.
Server with plain rice/roti.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Ginger Fish...something different!!

Its my first micro oven made dish. I think in today's scenario micro oven is a common item which takes place in every family. So I am sharing this preparation for all my friends. Ginger Fish is my all time favourite dish. Whenever my mind, my tongue wants something spicy to dissolve the everyday's boring item then I usually cook it. I must say that this recipe is very suitable for winter season specially. Here I want to present  "Ginger Fish."

Ingredients to make "Ginger Fish" :
  • Bhetki filet : 500gm
  • Lemon : 1pc
  • Ginger paste : 1tsp
  • Garlic paste : 1/2tsp
  • Soya Sauce : 2tbsp
  • Water : 1/2 cup
  • Sugar : 1tsp
  • Salt & Peeper : According to taste
  • White Oil : 2tbsp 
  • Coriander Leaves & Chopped ginger : For garnishing  
Preparation to make :
Wash & Clean the filet.
Marinate the filet with lemon juice, slight oil, salt & keep them aside for an hour.
Blend ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, soya sauce, white oil together.
Rub oil on the baking tray and put filets on it.
Put whole blended material on the filets. 
Bake it in 180˚ c for 10-12 minutes.
Then grill the whole thing till it become redish brown.

Done :
Garnish the dish with coriander leaves & a pinch of chopped ginger.
"Ginger Fish" is ready to serve with polau/fried rice/paratha. 

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Masala Bhendi (Spicy Ladies Finger)'s favourite

My one of the most favourite vegetable is ladies finger or bhindi. I like bhindi fry to boiled bhindi. My mom makes "Masala Bhindi" in her own way & it fabulous. Its very simple to cook. Here it is. 

Ingredients to make :
  • Bhendi (Ladies finger) : 500gm
  • Turmeric powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Coriander powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Aniseed powder : 1tsp
  • Aamchur : 1tsp
  • Chilli powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Garam masala powder : 1/2 tsp
  • Ajwain (Carom seed) : 1/4 tsp
  • Chopped onion : 1pc
  • Hing (Asafoetida) : Pinch of
  • Mustard oil : 50gm
  • Salt : According to the taste
To make Masala Bhendi :
Wash bhendi properly.
Remove seeds by slightly slicing the bhendi.
Mix coriander, turmeric, chilli, aniseed, ammchur powder together & pour inside the bhendi.
Heat oil in kadhai/pan.
Now add asafoetida & carom seed as phoran.
Then add bhendi & fry them in light flame.
Cover the pan & keep it atleast 5 minutes.
After boiling the bhendi cook for more some times.
Fry chopped onion in another pan.
Now add garam masala & crunchy onion on bhendi gravy.
Done :
Masala bhendi is ready to serve with rice/roti/paratha.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Orange Malai Chingri (Orange Malai Prawn)...Shite Fatafati

We can get orange easily in winter. Some of them may sour in taste. Last winter I tried some sour orange juice in my prawn dish. It was just very tasty after making the preparation. So I want to share the recipe with you. Here it is...

Ingredients to make :
  • Prawn : 6pcs
  • Coconut milk : 1cup
  • Orange Juice : 4tbs
  • Lemon Juice : 2tbs
  • Onion paste : 1tbs
  • Garlic paste : 1tbs
  • Ginger paste : 1tbs
  • Mustard oil : 3tbs
  • Ghee : 1/2 tbs
  • Green Chilli paste: 1tbs
  • Turmeric Powder : 1 Pinch  
  • Salt & Sugar : According to taste.
Preparation to make Orange Malai Chingri (Orange Malai Prawn) :
 Cut the vein of the prawn & clean them in fresh water.
Marinate the fishes for half an hour with salt & lemon juice.
Heat the oil in kadhai/pan.
Lightly fry the fishes & keep them aside.
Cook onion, garlic, ginger & chilli paste in ghee & add turmeric powder, salt & sugar.
Now mix coconut milk to make the gravy.
After boiling add fishes in the gravy.
when fishes become soft, off the flame.
Now mix orange juice in the preparation.

Done :
The dish is ready to serve with fried rice/pulao.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Aam-Shorsher Aar Machh (Cat-fish with mango-mustard) innovation

My dad & I always love to taste Aar Machh (Cat Fish). But mom get irritated to cook because it is spluttered while frying. Anyway thats why generally I try to make Aar Machh in my home. When I enter into mom's kitchen I prefer to make something special instead of same preparation. Here I want to present very attractive fish dish. That is "Aam-Shorsher Aar Machh (Cat-fish with mango-mustard) for all of you.
Ingredients to make:
  • Aar Machh (Cat-fish) : 4pcs
  • Green Mango : 1pc
  • Mustard paste : 1tsp
  • Green Chilli : 2pcs
  • Dry Chilli : 2pcs
  • Panch phoran : 1/2tsp
  • Turmeric Powder : 1/2tsp
  • Mustard oil : 100gm
  • Salt & Sugar : According to taste.  

To make Aam-Shorsher Aar Machh :
Heat oil in kadhai/pan.
Lightly fry the fish.
Again add oil in the kadhai/pan and heat the oil.
Then add panch phoran and dried red chillies as phoran.
Now add mango slice & cook them well.
Then mix turmeric powder and mustard paste in water and put it in the kadhai/pan.
Add pinch of salt & sugar according to the taste.
Now add fried fish after boil the gravy.
Add some water & cover the kadhai/pan for boiling for 10minutes.
While the whole fish mix with the gravy off the oven.
Add some sliced green chillis for essence.
Done :
Dish is ready to be served with plain hot rice, nothing else.

Chitol Macher Muthiya…legendary dish

Bengalis are totally incomplete without varieties of fish. Chitol fish is one of the legendary fish. This item is basically made on some occasions because it is expensive as well as very complicated to make. But it’s a special Bengali dish. I have made this delicious dish so many times. I don’t think that its very much hectic. So I like to prepare it. Because special dishes are always special. Here I want to present “Chitol Macher Muthiya” for you.
Ingredients to make :
  •  Chitol Mach(Chitol fish): 500gm
  • Curd : 1tbsp
  • Potato : 3 medium size
  • Onion paste : 2tbsp
  • Chopped onion : 1pc
  • Ginger paste : 2tbsp
  • Garlic paste :1tsp
  • Chopped Green chilies : 2tbsp
  • Whole Green chilies : 2pcs
  • Chopped Tomato : 2pcs
  • Turmeric powder : 1/4tsp
  • Red chilly powder : 1/2tsp
  • Bay leaves : 2pcs
  • Garam masala : 1tsp
  • Mustard oil : 200ml
  • Sugar & Salt : According to the taste. 
First stage preparation :
Boil 2potatoes and mash it.
Cut 1 potato into square.
Grind the fish.
Add 1tsp onion, ginger & garlic paste, pinch of turmeric, chopped green chilies, pinch of salt & 2 boiled & mashed potatoes.
Mix all ingredients together.
Make round ball with the fish dough.

Second stage preparation :
Boil water in deep pan.
Put in the kofta ball into the boiled water.
After 2-3minutes, the balls will floated on the water.
Keep them aside.
Now heat the oil in kadhai/pan.
Deep fry the balls & keep them aside.

Third stage preparation :
Heat oil in kadhai/pan.
Fry the square shaped potatoes & keep them aside.
Now add on same oil bay leaves, onion, garlic paste and turmeric & red chili powder.
Fry them lightly.
Now add ginger paste & chopped tomatoes.
Mix salt & sugar according to the taste & cook until oil leaves.
Add 2cups water & leave fried fish balls & square shaped potatoes.
Cover the kadhai/pan & boil some time.
Add pinch of garam masala on it.
Done :
Chital Macher Muthiya is ready to serve with hot rice.

Bhapa Phulkopi(Baked Cauliflower)…my birthday special

I made the recipe in my birthday occasion. I didn't think that it can be a fabulous dish. All the guests appreciated this preparation from their core of the heart. I also liked it with fried rice. come on taste it.

Ingredients to make : 
  • Cauliflower : 1-2 (According to the size)
  • Green Chilies : 2-3pcs
  • Mustard paste : 3tsp
  • Panch Phoran : 1/2tsp
  • Ground coconut : 4tsp
  • Chopped Coriander leaves : 1/2cup
  • Sugar : 1tsp
  • Salt : According to the taste
  • Mustard oil : 2tbsp
  • White oil : 5tbsp
First stage preparation :
Cut the cauliflower into small florets.
Grind mustard & coconut together.
Now add ground coconut, mustard, salt, sugar & mustard oil to the cauliflower florets.
Mix well & keep aside.

Second stage preparation :
Heat white oil in Kadhai.
Add Panch Phoran & let it to spluntter.
Now add the marinated cauliflower florets to oil.
Cook until the florets become soft.
Done :
Bhapa Phulkopi (Baked Cauliflower) is ready to be served with fried rice/jeera rice/roti/paratha.

Aloor Asli Dom(Tempered Poteto)…perfect breakfast

This is very plain & simple recipe. My mom makes various breakfast for us from North Indian to South Indian, from Bengali to Continental but I personally always prefer Aloor Dom with Luchi for Sunday breakfast specially. I always try Aloor Dom in various ways. So here I want to present a spicy Aloor Dom recipe for my friends.
Ingredients to make :
  • Potato : 1kg
  • Vegetable oil : 3tsp
  • Turmric powder : 1/2tsp
  • Red Chilly powder : 1/2tsp
  • Salt : According to the taste
  • Lemon juice : 1/2tsp
For Panch Phoran :
  • Cumin : 1tsp
  • Ani-seed : 1tsp
  • Methi : 1tsp
  • Black Cumin : 1tsp
  • Black Mustard seed : 1tsp
For Phoran :
  • Vegetable oil : 1tsp
  • Chopped green chilies : 1tsp
  • Chopped coriander leaves : 1tsp
Preparation for Aloor Asli Dom:
Heat oil in big kadhai/pan.
Put in potatoes on high flame.
Cook well until boil the potatoes.
Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder & salt.
Stir well.
For foran take another pan & heat oil.
Add 2teaspoons full Panch Foran.
Now add Chopped green chillies & coriander leaves & stir well.
Then mix the foran in potatoes & stir well.
Done :
Add lemon juice & serve hot with luchi/paratha.

Machher Dimer Bora(Vada of fish's egg)….uum…mm la jawaab!!

We all know that when fishes bear eggs the taste of its reduces. But still I love to taste fish’s egg fry. Its just delicious as a snacks. My mom makes it very well. Generally she makes it when I’m in casual mood. She tries to give me surprise by serving this “Machher Dimer Bora.” I’ll request you please taste it & remember me.
Ingredients to make :
  • Eggs of fish (Rui Machher Dim) : 100gm
  • Wheat flour : 1tablespoon
  • Chopped Onion : 1pcs
  • Chopped Green Chilies : 2pcs
  • Mustard oil : 1tsp
  • Turmeric Powder : A pinch of
  • Salt : According to the taste.
Preparation to make “Machher Dimer Bora” :
Finely chop onion & green chillies.
Then mix them with raw egg of fish & add salt, turmeric powder & wheat flour.
Make small balls of the mixture.
Heat oil in a kadhai/pan.
Deep fry the balls till cooked properly.
Done :
Take out of flame & Garnish with tomato sauce & salads.
Serve hot.

Egg Curry…bright & beautiful

“Aao baataoon tumhe aande ka funda”-really it’s an amazing creation of God. Egg is not only most valuable food item from breakfast to lunch, from lunch to dinner but it is most accepted food item in all over the world. I personally feel, when eggs are in my freeze everything is alright. I feel very helpless without eggs because if any guests come to my house without any information, what will I offer them? In that case, eggs are most useful & essential item to make some delicious dish quickly. Children are also like the taste of egg. From boiled egg to egg curry…its really outstanding. Here I want to present my own “Egg Curry” recipe for all of you.

Ingredients to make Egg Curry :
  • Boiled Egg : 4pcs
  • Mustard oil : 100gm
  • Onion paste : 50gm
  • Ginger paste : 10gm
  • Tomato paste : 2spoons
  • Garlic paste : 10gm
  • Turmeric powder : 1/2spoon
  • Red Chilly powder : 1spoon
  • Bay Leaves : 3-4
  • Cumin powder : 1spoon
  • Garam Masala powder : 1spoon
  • Ghee : 1spoon           
  • Salt & Sugar : According to the taste 
First stage preparation :
Boil the eggs in water & remove the shell.
Make a smooth paste of onion, ginger & garlic.

Second stage preparation :
Scratch the body of the egg.
Marinate some salt, turmeric powder & red chilly powder.
Fry the marinated & boiled egg in medium flame & keep them aside.
Final stage preparation :
Heat oil in the kadhai/pan.
Put in the sugar on the oil.
Add bay leaves, garlic paste, onion paste, ginger paste & tomato paste gradually.
Now add turmeric powder, cumin powder, red chilly powder, salt.
Cook them well.
After leaving the oil add little water & fried egg.
Add some ghee & garam masala before removing from flame.
Done :
It can be served hot with plain rice/roti/paratha. 
But I personally prefer with plain hot rice.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Doi Ilish(Hilsa with Sour Curd) all time favourite

Ilish Machh is my all time favourite item. In which day my dad brings Ilish from market I usually get ready to take my lunch quickly. From “Ilish Machh Bhaja” to “Bhapa Ilish”, from “Ilish Machher Tel-Jhhal” to “Ilish Machher Jhol”….uff!!! Its just very tough to me to control my tongue. I always wait for the rainy season only for Ilish Machh. Here I want to present my one of the most favourite Ilish item, “Doi Ilish” for you.

Ingredients to make:
  • Ilish Machh : 1200gm
  • Mustard oil : 250gm
  • Curd : 600gm
  • Green Chilies : 60gm
  • Poppy seed paste : 80gm
  • Black peeper paste : 2gm
  • White  curry : 130gm
  • Cornflour : A pinch
  • Mustard paste : 25gm
  • Black cumin : 2gm
  • Salt : According to the taste.   

Preparation to make Doi Ilish :
Clean the fish and dry them.Marinate the fish with cornflour & salt.
Heat the oil in kadhai/pan.
Fry marinated fish & keep them aside.Add black cumin, poppy seed paste, green chilli paste, curd, white curry,mustard paste in the remaining oil.
Now add water & keep them to be boiled.
Add fried Ilish mach into the boiled gravy.
Done :
Now the Doi Ilish is ready to be served with hot rice.
Garnish this dish with two green chilies. 

Chhanar Dalna(Gravy of Curd Cheese) with lots of memory...

Frankly speaking its my mom's recipe. In my childhood I saw my mom made Chhanar Dalna instead of today's Paneer. Though I didn't like to eat any sweet products of milk, mom made it especially for me so that I can get some milk substitute. It was just amazing. The soft pulp of Chhana makes the whole dish so delicious. Everyone from my family still like it. I also try to make the dish on so many occassions from birthday to puja in my house. Here I want to present my extremely favourite Chhanar Dalna for all of my friends.
Ingredients to make Chhanar Dalna:
  • Chhana : 250gm
  •  Sugar : 25gm       
  •  Jayitri powder : 2gm
  •  White oil : Choose your oil for use
  •  Mustard oil : 50gm   
  • Garam masala : a pinch 
  • Wheat flour : 50gm
  • Ghee : 25gm
  • Kismis : 10gm
  • Ginger : 20gm
  • Tomato paste : 1 spoon
  • Curd : 50gm
  • Green Chiily : According to taste.
  • Chashew paste : 50gm
  • Coconut paste: 1/2 cup
First stage preparation :
Mix all ingredients with chhana.
         Then smash the pulp with hand.
          Now divide the total dough of chhana into 20 pieces balls.
         Add 1 kismis in each ball of chhana.
         Heat oil in kadhai/pan.     
         Put in the chhana balls and fry them lightly. 
         Take them out & keep aside.
          Second stage preparation :
          Heat 50gm mustard oil & 25 gm ghee in kadhai/pan. 
          Add 4 Elaichi, 2 cinnamon, 2 bay leaves in the oil.
          Now put in the 20gm ginger paste, 1spoon tomato paste  50gm curd.
          Then add green chilies, salt & sugar according to the taste.
          After 5minutes of it add 50gm cashew nut paste & ½ cup coconut paste into the gravy. 
          Add fresh water after leaving the oil.
           Put in the chhana balls after boiling the water.
          Add ghee, garam masala powder & jayitri.
           Done :
Garnish the Chhanar Dalna with green & red chilies & coriander leaves.
         Now ready to be served hot with roti/paratha/luchi/      
         fried rice/plain rice.

Hellow Friends!!!

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