Sunday, 11 December 2011

Chhanar Dalna(Gravy of Curd Cheese) with lots of memory...

Frankly speaking its my mom's recipe. In my childhood I saw my mom made Chhanar Dalna instead of today's Paneer. Though I didn't like to eat any sweet products of milk, mom made it especially for me so that I can get some milk substitute. It was just amazing. The soft pulp of Chhana makes the whole dish so delicious. Everyone from my family still like it. I also try to make the dish on so many occassions from birthday to puja in my house. Here I want to present my extremely favourite Chhanar Dalna for all of my friends.
Ingredients to make Chhanar Dalna:
  • Chhana : 250gm
  •  Sugar : 25gm       
  •  Jayitri powder : 2gm
  •  White oil : Choose your oil for use
  •  Mustard oil : 50gm   
  • Garam masala : a pinch 
  • Wheat flour : 50gm
  • Ghee : 25gm
  • Kismis : 10gm
  • Ginger : 20gm
  • Tomato paste : 1 spoon
  • Curd : 50gm
  • Green Chiily : According to taste.
  • Chashew paste : 50gm
  • Coconut paste: 1/2 cup
First stage preparation :
Mix all ingredients with chhana.
         Then smash the pulp with hand.
          Now divide the total dough of chhana into 20 pieces balls.
         Add 1 kismis in each ball of chhana.
         Heat oil in kadhai/pan.     
         Put in the chhana balls and fry them lightly. 
         Take them out & keep aside.
          Second stage preparation :
          Heat 50gm mustard oil & 25 gm ghee in kadhai/pan. 
          Add 4 Elaichi, 2 cinnamon, 2 bay leaves in the oil.
          Now put in the 20gm ginger paste, 1spoon tomato paste  50gm curd.
          Then add green chilies, salt & sugar according to the taste.
          After 5minutes of it add 50gm cashew nut paste & ½ cup coconut paste into the gravy. 
          Add fresh water after leaving the oil.
           Put in the chhana balls after boiling the water.
          Add ghee, garam masala powder & jayitri.
           Done :
Garnish the Chhanar Dalna with green & red chilies & coriander leaves.
         Now ready to be served hot with roti/paratha/luchi/      
         fried rice/plain rice.

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