Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Patoler Paturi (Pointed Gourd's Paturi)......uuummm yummiii!!

As a veg dish "Patoler Paturi" is very delicious and tasty also.Patol is basically a summer vegetable. This is very familiar dish in my home and I think in most Bengali families. I generally make it in my way.

 Ingredients to make "Patoler Paturi" (Pointed Gourd's Paturi):

  • Patol (Pointed Gourd): 1kg
  • Mustard seed: 70gm
  • Poppy seed: 60gm
  • Green Chilly: 9-10pcs
  • Coconut: 100gm
  • Salt & Sugar: According to taste
  • Oil: As required
Preparation to make: 
Cut patols (pointed gourd) in vertically.
Heat oil in the pan.
Then fry them in light heat.
Smash all spices and coconut also.
Now add smashed coconut in heated oil.
Then add other smashed spices & cook them well.
After leaving the oil, add lightly fried patol(pointed gourd).
Now mix salt, sugar and water as required.
 Cover the pan till boil.
Garnish this dish on banana leaf.
Patoler paturi is ready to be served with plain rice.

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